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Wyndham Hotels and Resorts is an international hotel and resort chain based in the United States. It has locations in China, Canada, Mexico, Colombia, Panama, Armenia, Ecuador, Turkey, Germany, the UK, the Caribbean, the UAE, Indonesia, India, Saudi Arabia and Margarita Island in Venezuela. On June 1, 2018, Wyndham Worldwide spun-off Wyndham Hotels & Resorts as its own company, and Wyndham Worldwi


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Former Employee - Business Operations Associate says

"Company model is corrupt, pay is so low it's insulting."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Don't treat administrative staff very well. Very restrictive on use of vacation time, which is ironic for a company selling "vacation time". Drama filled environment. Certain managers are very condescending."

Former Employee - Housekeeping says

"bullied by my supervisor , racist about the guests who come into the resort, favouring certain staff over others, very clicky group, protocol of the guests apartment changed not structure..."

Current Employee - Assistant GM says

"No work life balance no respect"

Current Employee - Sales Representative says

"High turnover. No loyalty. No consistency in terms of management, teams, site locations, processes and pitches. Rules change daily and are only enforced to make an example or target someone in particular for retaliation. Extensive history of management dating reps. Favoritism. Multiple employees take adderall and cocaine throughout the day and drink all night, come in hung over and do it all again ...they're usually the top reps. High producers win awards and are then fired months later for getting caught not being compliant. Only a handful have good careers, the rest live in poverty and are told their lack of success is entirely in their control."

Former Employee - Marketing Agent says

"No compassion. No loyalty. Constantly changed pay rate and commission rate. Not open to suggestions. I was terminated after filing a worker's compensation claim."

Former Employee - Trainer says

"Dog-eat-dog environment, not family oriented, not stable"

Former Employee - Sales Representative says

"Too many cons to list. Just don’t do it. Management is rude and disrespectful. You also have to lie all day long."

Former Employee - Discovery Service Team says

"There a lot of racist and misogynistic men in leadership. There’s no diversity. The use unethical sales practices."

Former Employee - Sales Representative says

"Scam customers and employees. All about politics and who likes you or they try to sabotage you into quitting"

Sales Consultant (Former Employee) says

"This is a extremely high pressure environment. If you want easy sales over the phone do not go looking for it here as it’s constant and you’ll find yourself stressed out.PayStress"

Inventory Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"Below managment, you do not exist. You will never have a chance to show your potential because it is all about their needs and mafia. Great company, worst managment team ever"

Housekeeping (Former Employee) says

"They work me hard I did my best they treat me bad I work hard everyday better then anyone and they still found a reason to lay me off the job is very hardNoYes"

Housekeeping (Former Employee) says

"Not a bad place to work if you like people to talk about you and smile in your face. The general manager sucks no help from her if you can find her the housekeeping head housekeeper is just as bad barely works and if she does she makes sure to complain about it all day. None of the management cares about any of their employees we are all just pawns in their big game of chessNo pros besides your paycheck that isn’t very bigHealthcare is nonexistent, and again nobody cares about you so there’s nobody to go when you need help"

Engineering (Former Employee) says

"The bosses were horrible from top to bottom the office people racists the staff racist engineering the whole staff drug addicts not for me ......Their is noneHealth care a rip off"

Housekeeper (Former Employee) says

"They work you like a crazy always rushing broken stuff never gets fixed don't let you take brakes housekeepers have to close door to get in a quick snack..we never had a set sechuled....there was also times wd were given our pay checks we would have to wait to cash them and even then we could not cash them because there no money in there checking account...just alot of stress that's not worth my sweat, blood & tears DONT DO IT !!NoNo"

Night Auditor (Current Employee) says

"Truly under worked, underpaid and there's no room for growth. Never paid overtime for the hours that I work and put in on a weekly basis the timesheets are always change the. That I only work 40 hours a week when I work more than 40 hours a week every week."

Laundry Attendant (Current Employee) says

"Working here has been draining and exhausting in every which way. No managerial support. The owners have ridiculous demands and treat people badly. If they think you look bad, they will take a picture to show other people to ridicule you. Their rude and dont even know which employee is which. I make less than people who work in fast food, sign spinners, and multiple others because our job is "easy". We are expected to do beyond what is normally asked of other companies."

Payroll Administrator (Current Employee) says

"WynD=no employee value. Becareful calling the complaint line. Payroll director motto"fake it til you make it" "Payroll is a thankless job" 100%true@WynD"

Resort management (Former Employee) says

"HR protects incompetent GMs, GM show favoritism and help those only they like. The favorites get away with murder. Company resort level not diverse specifically male vs female inequality. CEO needs to go through sites with a fine comb and weed out bad seeds by speaking to each associate most are too afraid to report issues fearing retaliation by getting hours cut being overworked set up to fail or being mistreated.Many locationsmisogynistic culture"

Maintenance (Former Employee) says

"Nepotism the manager hires her family and friends, horrible work environment shady 10 employees left all in a few months it was a horrible place to workNoneNone"

Front Desk Associate/Receptionist (Former Employee) says

"The former manager was someone you thought was going to be a good manager, until you did something on your own. No raises, always doing someone elses work, just toxic work place. I was forced to quit because of the manager and her underling ( who i now understand is the manager) were forcing me into time card fraud. When i complained and said i was going to the labor board they both lost it."

Travel Agent (Former Employee) says

"Very toxic environment. The trainer allowed way too much leftist political talk as do most Seattle area companies and it was a distraction during training. Spoke with hiring mgr about it. The trainer responded in training by basically putting me on blast."

General Manager (Former Employee) says

"Work too hard for a company that will only frame you in the end. If only corporate would listen to the managers about the regional manager then they’d be a better organization."

Data Entry Dispatch Dept. Rep. (Former Employee) says

"Everything they say about Perks. It is all lies. ! The discounts are normal AARP or AAA discounts nothing more.. The benefits are only ok after you pay a $5000 deductinle deductible. And the you pay 20% + co pays."

Senior Sales Representative (Former Employee) says

"If you are seeking fulfillment, excitement, passion - Wyndham is not for you. If you want to be successful in sales, go to a company that respects their employees"

Head Housekeeper (Current Employee) says

"They took my overtime away. All of us but the mexicans they are replacing us with that are not even us citizens. I feel ilthe current manager is being discriminative"

Housekeeper (Former Employee) says

"I was only there for 4 days and it was the worst job ever. They only paid you $3.25 per room you were assigned and there wasn't a guaranteed to get into all the rooms you were assigned"

Front Desk Clerk (Former Employee) says

"The owners are detached for the hotel. It's all about the numbers & not about giving the employees what they need to get the job done right. Don't even feel like an employee just a stepping stone"

Head of Maintenance (Former Employee) says

"All I will say is it is a terrible place to work the owner does not fix things the way they should be fixed simply because they do not want to pay maintenance properly to do it they are very shady and will do things behind your back I do not value your opinion’s I was the head of maintenance there they are very cheap with everything and do things That should not be done the hotel has bedbugs so as an employee you have to be very careful not to bring it home with you all around a terrible place"

James Procter says

"Despite paying almost £500 for 1 week at the Ramada Bristol Hotel M5 West we have been sent a letter charging us £100.00 for 1 NIGHTS PARKING. We have written to the private parking company ParkingEye, directly to the hotel and to Ramada customer service all who have totally ignored our letters.
We are from Sheffield but we are having to stay in Bristol as our daughter is seriously ill in Bristol Southmead hospital.
This aggravation really is the last thing we need at this heart breaking time.
Thank you Ramada/Wyndham for you total lack of compassion."

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